Sleep Well, Live Well

Our vision is to improve people’s well-being through every aspect of their home. We understand that sleep is the foundation to living a great life and at Riley’s, we customize and manufacture our mattresses right here in town to guarantee you get the best sleep and start to your day.




Promoting healthy sleep and wellness with innovative mattress designs proudly handcrafted in Tecumseh Ontario.

Sleep is one of the most important activities a person can do to influence health and wellness. A lack of rest or poor quality sleep can affect mental clarity and physical performance, and longer-term sleep deprivation has also been associated with numerous health issues from diabetes to heart disease.

Given the necessity of rest, Riley’s recognizes the opportunity to enhance the wellness and well-being of its customers. The aging of the Canadian and U.S. population presents further opportunities for Riley’s as mattresses with additional features will appeal to the older demographic. Riley’s seeks to advance the mattress industry and is investigating properties that when applied to mattresses will enhance sleep, comfort and have applications outside the home setting.


Riley’s offers:

  • Guaranteed lowest prices
  • Guarantee of total satisfaction
  • Interest-free financing options
  • Dual comfort options: allowing different settings for both sides of the bed
  • Custom made mattresses
  • Making sure every stitch and component of your mattress meets the highest standards.